Design IP

The three projects below are a test of a new kind of content at PSoCDeveloper, Design IP. A Design IP project is more detailed look at a topic than a application note and often include all software and hardware documentation needed to recreate the project you self. Please take a look at the three projects below as well as the contents of the zip file and send us your feedback.


The contents of the projects below are real, but, the web pages are mock ups of a new system and therefore do not have all the functionally of our final system such as category links.






Example PSoC Designer Projects

GPIO Read and Write

This PSoC Designer example project reads an IO pin state and echos it to another pin using C language port reads and writes.

Author: Steve Roe

Version 1.0

PSoC Basic Arithmetic Operations

Here the new version (v1.02a) of Basic Arithmetic Operations with more useful comments. Now the usage of basic arithmetics is easy as the separate core instruction. Two files (math.asm and implements the arithmetic algorithms with 5-bytes variables. Simply add this files to your project and the following instructions will become available in your program:

  • math_add5 arg1, arg2, arg3 -- signed/unsigned addition
  • math_sub5 arg1, arg2, arg3 -- signed/unsigned subtraction
  • math_mul5x2 arg1, arg2, arg3 -- unsigned multiplication 5-bytes by 2-bytes integer
  • math_div5 arg1, arg2 -- unsigned division
  • math_neg5 arg1 -- sign change
  • math_load5 arg1, const, const -- loading the variable by constant
  • math_mov5 arg1, arg2 -- moving (copy) one variable to another

ZIP archive contains the test project with the new math.asm and
Look the math_readme.htm for details.

Author: IDiod

Version 1.02a

Binary to BCD Conversion

This is improved realization of "Binary To BCD Conversion" (AN2112 document) for 16-bit input values.

  • stack depth is decreased by 2 bytes
  • "temp" varyable is removed
  • Code Size and Execution Time are reduced.

Module main.asm contain example of "to10" procedure calling. Also see comments. Module to10.asm contain code of "to10" procedure.

Author: IDiod

Version 1.0

Blinker Test

This is the PSoC project that was used to create the test.hex that is contained in the Invention Board directory. It runs a PWM out to P0[7] that has a period of 1 second and a 50% duty cycle.

Author: Jeff Steward

Version: 1.0

Code Delay in Microsecond Increments

Delay in microsecond is callable from 'C'. I have attached an example. This example also shows how a function written in 'asm' can be called from 'C'. Please also find the Delayu.exe which helps you to find exact value due to your need.

Author: Onur Ozbek

Version 1.0

Frequency Counter

An example of how to make a frequency counter using a PSoC. 0-12MHz input range from external signals.

Author Mr. Zee

Version: 1.0

Frequency Calculation

Using a 16 bit counter without using any counter interrupt. Frequency input on pin no 10.

Author: Rishi Kumar

Version: 1.0