Wish list for PSoC Designer

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Wish list for PSoC Designer

Postby dynamag » Sun May 19, 2013 9:07 pm

I have been using PSoC Designer for numerous designs, and am quite happy with its features and performance. There is a small wish list, though:

1. Device editor change tracking: This would be useful to those who, like me, change their modules, module parameters, global parameters and source code frequently, as well as develop new projects by modifying cloned projects. The IDE recognizes the changes, so if the change message such as "Deleted Counter_8 module from DBC00" could be appended to a text file that is created in the project directory with project name, date and time, for example "Change tracker projectname xxxx" that would serve as a track record of the changes done, making it easier for the user to at least know the changes taken place and when. Also Including project build info such as "Build completed on mmddyyyy hhmmss with user module list as below.... and parameters list as below...." for every successful build would also be nifty.
2. The ability to add API functions that don't presently exist. Then users could expand their API libraries for their customized modules.
3. The compiler should give a fixed point library option, with the required library.
4. The build report (.mp file) should also contain size of code for each function/module in bytes in decimals, not only start address in hex :)
5. The documentation for the modules should contain the complete info about the module, including all pertinent registers, their addresses, the bits to be changed, the side effects of changing any bits, etc. Its all there in the TRM, but it would be great if all info on a module was available in one place. :)

These are the things I could think of, just now. Other users will have their own wishlists too. I wish they add it here.
Regards :)
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