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Tool enhancements

Postby danadak » Fri May 25, 2012 10:56 am

For next release PSOC Designer -

1) Save status of pinout view and restore as an open tab (if opened) when Designer is restarted.
Right now it is not reopened on Designer entry, if it had been when Designer was exited.

2) View variable in watch window in binary.

3) View pointer variable in watch window and the value fo what it is pointing to.

4) Pinout view, able to right click it and save as native resolution image. Not the
whole screen as in print screen windows command.

5) Dual monitor mode, able to drag tabs over onto 2'ond monitor for view.

6) Debugging, memory window, when cursor hovers over a memory value it pops up its coded name.

7) When hovering over watch variable, pop up respective high lighted area in memory view.

8) May be asking for a lot but a graphical vierw of map file, for users that will link with directed
area commands.

Regards, Dana.
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