PSoC - USBFS and Driver

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PSoC - USBFS and Driver

Postby NDEL » Tue Mar 06, 2012 9:35 am

Hello, I am currently working through Application Note 56377, and I am having some difficulty in setting up the USB drivers for the vendor and product ID's; I am working on Windows 7 x86 with PSoC 5 and CY8CKIT-001.

The error that I am continually running into is changing the product and vendor ID in the .inf file. I am following the tutorial on how to do that, but when I plug in the device, the PSoC is not detected, although my computer does detect that something is plugged into the USB port. When changing the product and vendor ID's, I am using the ones that are setup in the PSoC USBFS, provided in the Application note; is that correct? I am also following the Cypress CyUSB.sys Manual for changing and setting up the drivers. I have the latest version of the Cypress USB Suite.

I have attached the .inf as a text document if anyone is able to look over it and see if there are any errors.

Thank you for your help!
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