SARK100 PSoC Based Antenna Analyzer Kit

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SARK100 PSoC Based Antenna Analyzer Kit

Postby ea4frb » Sun May 09, 2010 7:45 am

The SARK100 Antenna Analyzer it is a PSoC based antenna analyzer available in kit form and designed to be easy to assemble and with an affordable pricing. The kit consist of a double sided printed circuit board with silkscreen and solder mask, the components including the pre-programmed PSoC microcontroller, welding supplies, and a suitable instrument box in grey color (supplied without machining).

You will enjoy of this DIY experience that it will not only help for improving your SMD soldering skills and learn about the analyzer basics but you will get a useful instrument for your shack. In addition you will have the possibility of modifying and updating the analyzer software via USB at your convenience, but even more, part of hardware is software configurable because of the programmable features of the PSoC micro-controller. For instance, you can change the ADC type, increase or decreasing the resolution or the sample rate, etc; therefore it is excellent training kit for the learning of the PSoC microcontroller.

More info:
MSRP: 185€ including shipping
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