PSoC Programmer/Designer Needed - LED Project

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PSoC Programmer/Designer Needed - LED Project

Postby KForrest » Thu Aug 19, 2010 10:26 am

Need PSoC Programmer/Designer for LED Project
1) Design PSoC5 control board for controlling multiple PSoC1 LED drivers.

a) Specifications
i) USB client enabled design (PC software required)
ii) On-board SD card memory
iii) PSoC software support for SD card
iv) PC host software to transfer video files
v) Pin support for at least 20 SPI ports (PSoC1 software already designed for driving multiple LEDs)
vi) Support for at least 20 SPI ports
vii) Use USB to transfer large video data files from PC to controller
viii) Memory access needs to support 20Hz frame refresh rate for up to 24 strings of 128 pixels each, 3 bytes per pixel
ix) PSoC3 software to support reading and writing SD card (or an initial reference design).
x) PC software to interface with USB client. Programming language TBD.
(Outside the box environment)
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