Preorders for PSoC Adaptor for Arduino (PSoC1/3/5)

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Preorders for PSoC Adaptor for Arduino (PSoC1/3/5)

Postby moxbox » Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:37 pm

Hi Forum,

I'm trying to gauge interest in the Arduino Adaptor boards that I'm
working on to support using Arduino Shields (peripherals) on PSoC CPM1 platforms.
(i.e. works with CY8CKIT-001, CY8CKIT-030, CY8CKIT-050)
A CY8CKIT-030/050 can support two (2) independent Shield Stacks,
and a CY8CKIT-001 can support three (3) independent Shield Stacks.
( No more problems running out of Arduino I/O, or with using two
different shields that want to assign different I/O to the
same I/O pins in the Arduino Stack...)

This allows the PsoC User Community access to the variety of Arduino Shield boards
out there, as well as being able to use Arduino prototyping supplies/boards
with the various PSOC development boards.

If you are interested in preorders for the next round of boards,
just send me a private message, and I will send you a link
to the order page when it's ready. I'm trying to gauge how many boards to order...
Expected costs are Bare Boards $20 (US), and full kits (all connectors) $35 (US).

It is called the RSVP-CPM1-Adaptor for Arduino :



best regards,
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