RED-KiT 1.0

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RED-KiT 1.0

Postby hakansefau » Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:52 pm

Hello, i bought a development board its RED-KiT 1.0 . It has many features ( 15 diffrent modules ) rs232 - rs 485 - 2x16 LCD Display- 4 Relays - 8 buttons - 8 leds - buzzer - 2 potentiometers - step motor driver - dc motor driver - seven segment display(multiplexing) - usb - I2C eeprom- 12 5 3.3v power supply- MMC sd card

and other important things

2x16 LCD display with blue backlight
DC motor
Step motor with cables
12V 1A quality adapter
DevPic ( pic project card for microchip pic MCU about
And jumpers

I 'll work about PSoC 3/5 First Starter Kit. This board(Red-Kit)compatible with First Starter Kits.


I bought 110$ from Turkey in İsanbul. I definitely recommend, you have to buy,we can learn lots of things,from this kit.
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Re: RED-KiT 1.0

Postby bobmarlowe » Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:18 pm

Hi Hakan,
I cannot see in which way your post is related to Cypress's PSoC or what the question is you ask. How can we help you.

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