CSD PSoC1 - baseline update too low

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CSD PSoC1 - baseline update too low

Postby hubang » Thu Apr 21, 2011 5:37 am


I have problem with PSoC1 and CSD module.
I’m using following tools : CY8CKIT-001 with module CY8CKIT-020, ICE-cube for debugging and Miniprog3 (as an I2CtoUSB bridge) for monitoring CSD parameters (count, threshold, baseline and activity).
I’m trying to tune 4 capacitive sensors (Key0 to Key3).

As you can see in the pictures 1 in attachment, Key0(=OnOff), Key1 and Key2 work good. Key3 seems to have a good count, but as the baseline is too low (about 1000), the sensor is not active when it should be. The key were assigned to port 3 (0to3).
I’ve tried to assign the 4 sensors to other port.
Picture 2 : on port 0 (0to3), keys don’t work well (?? Perhaps, it’s because the port is too far from Vss pin?).
Picture 3: on port 1 (2to5), it’s the same problem as in picture 1, key0 to 2=OK, key3=good count, bad baseline (about 870).

1) Why does the baseline seems to be bad updated on key 3? (the 4 sensors are managed in the same manner, they have the same properties in PSoC designer and they have the same geometry wired to the board of cy8ckit-001)

2) In picture 2, why does the keys dysfunction? Is it because they are far from Vss Pin?

Kind regards,

Pic 3 - Key3 - baseline too low P1_2toP1_5.jpg
Key0 to 2=OK, Key3 count=OK but Threshold=870
Pic 2 - Key3 - baseline too low P0_0toP0_3.jpg
All keys dysfunction
Pic 1 - Key3 - baseline too low P3_0toP3_3.jpg
Key0 to 2=OK, Key3 count=OK but Threshold=1000
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