ICCP interprocessor communications hangs up

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ICCP interprocessor communications hangs up

Postby RMorella » Mon Jul 01, 2013 9:39 am

I have 2 PSOC1 processors that are setup using the ICCP protocol for inter-processor communications. The communications is unexpectedly halting and I can't seem to do anythign in code to make it recover.

The only way to recover is to force a reset of both processors, either manually (by forcing a WD Timeout) or by cycling power.

Are there any situations where one or the other (master or slave PSOC) may hold up the bus indefinitely? If so how do I recover from this in code without having to reset the code?

Are there any preconditions that I need to be aware of when I attempt to reset the ICCP communications for either the Master or Slave processors in code? For instance, does it matter what the states of the SD and SCK are when I reset the port, or do the canned routines from the IDE take care of that?

Is there a preferred sequence for disabling and then re-enabling I22P inter-processor communications?

btw, I am using Cycpress Semiconductor PSoC Designer 5.0 Service Pack 4_5 Build 874 - May 07, 2009

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom that you may offer.
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