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Please Read Before Posting

Postby ericb » Sat May 10, 2008 6:58 pm

First of all welcome to PSoCDeveloper we are glad you are here! This topic contains a list of best practices for getting the most out of the community of PSoC developers here in the forums.
  1. Instead of using general terms like "I need help", or, "The Project Does Not Work" in the Subject of the topic, use a meaningful subject that summarizes your question. This will be help you and other members when searching the forum for specific topics.
  2. Ask specific questions. Describe the problem in detail, provide information on what you have done already to try to fix the problem on your own.
  3. Whenever possible reference the source of your information. For example, you might say figure x-y in the TRM shows z. Or, the data sheet for CY8Cx says the INL for the ADC is m. Attach screen shots or images when referencing the GUI of a tool, a schematic, timing information, or signal characteristics.
  4. Use win zip to compress attachments as this is the most commonly used compression algorithm which means you are more likely to have forum members look at your attachment.
  5. Delete all irrelevant files from a project before zipping to make the file smaller. For a PSoC Designer project, delete all files in the "\backup", "\lib\obj", "\obj" and "output" folders, unless some files from one of these directories is required to demonstrate the problem. For a PSoC Express project, attach only the .cmx file with the proper folder name.
  6. Use the PSoCDeveloper site search to see if your question has already been answered. If you are asking a question that has been asked many times before, it is unlikely that forum members will reply to your new topic.
  7. When replying to a question that has been asked before provide a link to the relevant PSoCDeveloper forum topic.
  8. If the reply you received fixed your problem reply and let everyone know what solution worked. And, say thank you. Also, if you find the solution on your own reply to the topic yourself and tell us all how you solved the problem. This helps other forum members when they find your question when searching the forum.
  9. Use the "CODE" tag in your post to format your assembly or C code in your post. Doing so makes your post much easier to read.
    Code: Select all
    mov a, reg[0x40]
    // Doesn't this look nice :-)

  10. Use the Preview button to check your post before Submitting. Don't forget to check your spelling!
  11. Do not abbreviate words or use SMS style text. We have forum members from all over the world and abbreviations and SMS text make post harder to read.
  12. Avoid remarks like "It is very urgent" and "Can you please send me a project?". Members definitely do not like to do your work and you are unlikely to get any response. Instead ask for directions or pointers to solve your problem, someone in the forum is likely to want to help you.
  13. Do not create multiple topics. If you have not received a response on your topic, it is most probably because members do not have this information. Creating another thread will only clutter the forums.
  14. Have fun! Really, have fun here at PSoCDeveloper :)
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