Getting Started with PSoC 1 - Some useful resources

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Getting Started with PSoC 1 - Some useful resources

Postby ArvindKrishnan » Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:20 am

Hello All!

For beginners who are starting to work with with PSoC 1, and for experienced users to get a deeper understanding of some of the basic concepts, here is a collection of useful resources that can get you started with PSoC 1.

Getting Started with PSoC 1 - AN75320:
This application note provides an introduction to PSoC1 architecture, how PSoC 1 is different from a regular microcontroller, the programmable analog and digital subsystems, IO structure, PSoC Designer IDE, programming and debugging flow etc.

PSoC Designer Getting Started Video:
This video walks the user through the process of creating a simple PSoC Designer project that measures a voltage using an ADC and displays on an LCD and blinks an LED.

Debugging with PSoC 1 - AN73212:
AN73212 introduces the elements of the PSoC 1 debugger system and explains how to configure and use them effectively. It provides the user with several common debugging techniques and a troubleshooting guide to help solve common problems, such as stack overflow and memory corruption.

PSoC 1 Clocks and Global Resources - AN32200:
A must read to get a grip on the Global resources, this application note discusses in details the flexible clocks and all the global resources like analog reference, watchdog, SMP etc.

Getting Started with I2C in PSoC 1 - AN50987:
I2C is one of the most commonly used communication interfaces in embedded systems. This application note provides a detailed overview of the I2C protocol, the different I2C implementations available in PSoC 1, and advanced information and tips on using I2C in PSoC 1.

PSoC 1 Analog Structure and Configuration with PSoC Designer - AN74170:
This application note discusses in detail the analog resources of PSoC 1 continuous time blocks, switch capacitor blocks, analog reference, analog output buffers etc. This application note discusses how these blocks are organized inside PSoC 1, the interconnectivity between these blocks and external pins, various analog reference combinations, global resources that affect analog blocks etc.

Understanding Switched Capacitor Blocks in PSoC 1 - AN2041:
A switched capacitor blocks is the most flexible analog resource in PSoC 1. A switched capacitor block lets the user build most commonly used analog peripherals like ADCs, DACs, Filters etc to very advanced applications like synchronous rectifiers, analog modulators and demodulators, FSK generators etc. This application note explains in detail the theory behind switched capacitor topology and how the PSoC 1 switched capacitor blocks can be used to build all these useful peripherals. This is a favorite even among veterans of PSoC.

Integrated Power Manager using PSoC® 1 - AN78646:
AN78646 describes power management - a critical component of System Management Control (SMC) for computing and communication systems - and explains key concepts of power management such as voltage sequencing, fault detection, voltage and current monitoring, real-time trimming, and I2C host communication. This application note will help you build a fully integrated power management system solution.

PSoC® 1 - Intelligent Fan Controller - AN78692:
AN78692 demonstrates how to develop 4-wire BLDC fan control systems using PSoC 1. The application note demonstrates how the included Fan controller IP can be used to manage BLDC fans in a various configurations. AN78692 helps you to considerably reduce development time of fan control systems.

Have fun with PSoC 1! :wink:
Arvind Krishnan
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Postby arivalagan13 » Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:46 am

We designed an integrator using sc block.We attached the design with its parameters.But it is not response properly.What may be the problem occur in it.Is there any modifications in our design.
Thanks advance,... :D
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