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This is the forum to discuss the Intelligent Lighting solutions offered by Cypress. The discussion topics include HBLED Drivers, Dimming Technology and Communication Methods.

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Welcome to the Intelligent Lighting Forum

Postby yzr » Sat Jul 19, 2008 10:19 am


From space, it is the side of the planet not facing the sun that stands out to show the grandeur of human civilization. Like tiny stars, trillions of sources of artificial light illuminate everything from bustling cities to remote farmhouses.

In today's world lighting stands out as a major component of energy consumption worldwide. While the incandescent bulb helped define the path of mankind, the century old invention is one of the most inefficient ways of lighting. Many countries have been passing regulations to switch to more energy efficient solutions like compact fluorescent lamps and LED lamps. By the year 2014, countries including US and Canada have proposed to phase out incandescent bulbs completely.

The leader of the efficiency race, High Brightness LEDs require a considerable amount of electrical circuitry to enable their operation and can benefit vastly from the use of programmable analog devices. Driving LEDs, controlling ballasts, enabling communication is a part of the lighting solution brought forward by Cypress Semiconductors.

Some of the topics that will be discussed in this forum are:
· Color Mixing algorithms to achieve white light through a combination of three or four channels of LEDs.
· Significance and technology for Power Factor Correction when driving light sources greater than 75W.
· Enabling intelligent lighting control through communication channels such as DMX512, DALI, CYFI etc.
· The best of white through Correlated Color Temperature.
· Software tools for creating programmable lighting designs.
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