hardware is killing me.

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hardware is killing me.

Postby tiagosantos » Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:05 am

Hello folks, congratulations for the forum!

I`ve got the Power PSoc Development KIT with the RGB leds CY3268 Starter Board.
I also have the CY8CLED01D01-56LTXI PPSoC microcontroller.

I edited the software to change between ZERO light and MAX light for each 5 seconds. and it`s working on the starter kit.
I`m trying to assembly this circuit using a protoboard but it is not working.
Some times I can se the led blinking but some times when I turn on the circuit nothing happens.
I it because I`m not using a propper layout?
I`m using the same circuit as the starter board.

I`m using 2 rebel leds in serie using VIN = 12VDC x4 channels

do you guys have any advice or tips to tell me ?

should it works even if I`m using a protoboard ?

thanks very much!
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Re: hardware is killing me.

Postby Jerson » Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:00 am

Please take proper care for decoupling the power supply to the device. It is very likely you are seeing problems related to that. Second, Power and Ground lines should be thicker depending on how much current will pass through them. There is nothing special about the protoboard/perfboard for development except you need to take special precautions on the above.

Good luck
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Re: hardware is killing me.

Postby yzr » Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:34 pm

Can you please describe your protoboard?
The PPSoC part will be switching current at very high frequencies and careful consideration must be taken in regards to the layout of both SREG and LED channels.
Cypress has been reviewing the design files for customers to ensure that there are no issues from a schematic and layout standpoint.
Feel free to reach me at yzr@cypress.com if you are interested in setting up a teleconference to review your files with the PowerPSoC apps team.
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