Problem with EEPROM UM in CY8CLED04D01

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Problem with EEPROM UM in CY8CLED04D01

Postby jomalogil » Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:59 am

I've done my own test board with CY8CLED04D01 instead to use the kit CY3267. Everything is OK except when I try to write in EEprom.
I need write 128 byte. My EEprom block begins in 254 and length is 128.
Same program downloaded in CY3267 runs OK (function "E2PROM_1_bE2Write" return 0 - E2PROM_NOERROR - ) but when I download the program in my board and I try to write, the function return -1 (E2PROM_FAILURE).
I think that there is only one difference: the micro. I mean, in the kit, the piece is CY8CLED04DOCD-56LTXI (part num. to depurate and simulate) and in my board is the normal part.
Where could be the problem?

To read:
E2PROM_E2Read(0x0000, (char*)&MyStruct, sizeof(struct MyStruct));

To write:
bError=E2PROM_bE2Write(0x0000,(char*)&MyStruct, 128, 25);

Configuration in "flashsecurity.txt" is
W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W ; Base Address 3800
W W W W W W W W W W W W W W U U ; Base Address 3C00
; End 16K parts

if I write in two times, 64 bytes each time, I've same problem in both writings
With kit no problem, with my board, fail (both writings, bErrorr = -1).

bError=E2PROM_bE2Write(0x0000,(char*)&MyStruct, 64, 25);
bError=E2PROM_bE2Write(0x0040,(char*)&MyStruct + 64, 64, 25);
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Re: Problem with EEPROM UM in CY8CLED04D01

Postby yzr » Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:15 pm


What is the date code of the silicon on your device. This will be printed on top of the IC.

There was a batch of silicon released that carried a incorrect mask on the flash write access at runtime. This results in breaking the EEPROM functionality.
As part of the recall, we can ship new silicon to you to replace any that you have. Was this silicon part of a sample order or was it purchased from a distributor?

For logistics on processing this recall, can you please send me a pm at

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