1N4148 Datasheet

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1N4148 Datasheet

Postby melanie101 » Sat May 15, 2010 1:08 am

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The 1N4148 is a kind of silicon epitaxial planar diodes. If you want to know more dataof this series, please go to our web.

The features of 1N4148 are electrically equivalent diodes: 1N4148 ± 1N914 1N4448 ± 1N914B, which can be applicated in extreme fast switches. The dimensions of 1N4148 are standard glass case 54 A 2 DIN 41880; JEDEC DO 35; weight max. 0.3 g.

The absolute maximum ratings of 1N4148 are (1)repetitive peak reverse voltage(VRRM):100 V; (2)reverse voltage(VR):75 V; (3)peak forward surge current(@tp=1 μs; IFSM):2 A; (4)repetitive peak forward current(IFRM):500 mA; (5)forward current(IF): 300 mA; (6)average forward current(@VR=0; IFAV):150 mA; (7)power dissipation(PV): 440 mW(l=4mm, TL=45°C)/500 mW; (8)(l=4mm, TL ≤25°C); (9)junction temperature(Tj):200°C; (10)storage temperature range(Tstg): -65 to +200°C; (11)breakdown voltage(@ IR=100A, tp/T=0.01,tp=0.3ms)(V(BR)): 100V; (12)diode capacitance (VR=0, f=1MHz, VHF=50mV) (CD): 4 pF; (13)rectification efficiency (VHF=2V, f=100MHz)(nr): 45%; (14)reverse recovery time( IF=IR=10mA, iR=1mA)(trr):8 ns.
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