Global Variables

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Global Variables

Postby TimHKI » Tue Dec 13, 2011 7:59 pm

When running the latest release of Creator (2.0) I can't see Global variables in the bottom center window. Locals, Registers, and Memory are all available. What gives? Does anyone know how to view them? - Thx in advance
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Re: Global Variables

Postby bobmarlowe » Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:34 am

I hadn't the global vars in Designer 1 as well. But when the program halted and I put the cursor above a reference (name of) to a global var, the value was displayed.
If nothing does help, you may still add a "watch" just by right-clicking on the Var's name.

Hope that helps

PS: AVOID global vars if you can, they are often subject of "Side-effects". try to use "static" local vars instead.
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