Checksum of combination file will missmatch

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Checksum of combination file will missmatch

Postby ichise » Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:40 am

Checksum of HEX File for combination file is differ from Checksum of PSoC Flash.
Difference of these values is just numerical one, as below,
Mismatches with HEX file
Checksum of PSoC Flash is 0x82B7
Checksum of HEX File is 0x82B6

PSoC Creator:2.1
PSoC Programmer:3.17

Programming of the combination_file .hex is succsessfully finished.
But, <Checksum> operation on PSoC Programmer shows message as above.
Written firmware on the target does work well.

Another process:
Write bootloader.hex using PSoC Programmer.
Checksum matches.
Write bootloadable.cyacd using Bootloader Host.
Open combination file.hex using PSoC Programmer, and <Checksum> then Checksum matches.

Difference between bootloadable.cyacd and combination_file.hex is
last rcord of bootloadable.cyacd:

corresponding record in combination_file.hex:

Checksum value(may be) recorded in combination_file.hex is
it seems the correct value of checksum is 0x82B6.

I think the 0x01 on the combination_file.hex makes checksome value greater just 1 than correct value.

In this case, Can I beleve the programming of combination file successfly finished ?
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