Psoc 1-5? Creator or designer?

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Psoc 1-5? Creator or designer?

Postby simonthk » Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:43 pm

So I have to choose what I will work with. I was told the new PSOC4 is great, but I cant even find a forum part in here about it. How great is it really, anything else than it can use shields?

I am used to PSOC designer and PSOC1. I cant figure out why Creator should be better than designer? Is there any real difference?

I just do smaller projects really, but now I have to teach young people (14) the ground principles of Uc, electronic and programming. I have to choose what side I will go, either the Creator or the designer? What and why would you choose? And what boards would you choose?

I hope you can help me get an idea of the differences, strength and weaknesses.

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Re: Psoc 1-5? Creator or designer?

Postby bobmarlowe » Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:25 am

When using PSoC1 you must stick to Designer 5.4. This program is only for the PSoC1 family.
PSoC Creator 3.0 is for designing with PSoC 3, 4 and 5. One obvious difference is the integration of debugging-capabilities into the chips and into Creator. You may set Breakpoints into your C-code, inspect and set variables etc. Debugging a PSoC1 project without an ICE-Cube (In-Circuit-Emulator for about $400) can really be a mess and be rather difficult.

PSoC4 is not "great", a contraire, it is a rather "small" device for very few money.
Depending on what you want to do and what the quantity of boards you project for will be you'll have to choose the right PSoC out of the family.

There are some development kits from Cypress which I can recommend:
The Pioneer-board for PSoC4 from element14 for only $25
The Kit -050 for PSoC5 which costs 4 times as much, but the PSoC5 chip has so many resources internally that it is VERY useful for prototyping (and optimizing) projects which later use a different (smaller and cheaper) PSoC5 out of that family.

PSoC4 and 5 are based on modern ARM processors (M0 and M3 respectively), so I do not recommend PSoC3 which are based on the old-fashioned 8051 CPU.

For the benefit of educating kids I would choose the Pioneer boards. Pricing and interface to external hardware makes it easy-to-use. Even small projects using HDL (Hardware Definition Language) can be taught to the "cracks" when they adopted C-Language. If you can afford the money I would suggest the PSoC5 kit. It has the advantage of an LCD-Display which not only makes a "Hello World" project easy but complicated projects more transparent.

There is a Cypress forum to be found here that is more frequent visited but has the lack of a dramatic bad forum-software. For the Pioneer-Kit you may look at this Cypress website

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