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Postby danadak » Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:53 pm

Looks like a new kit is coming based on processor modules, like
the -001 kit.

From latest programmer release notes -

Support for PSoC 1 Development Kit (CY8CKit 100)

PSoC Programmer 3.18 has added programming support for the PSoC 1 Development Kit (CY8CKit-
100). This development kit provides support for small processor modules, similar to the processor
modules supported on the CY8CKit-001.

The CY8CKit-100 provides programming and debugging capabilities using a PSoC 3 device. This
device will enumerate as a DVKProg1 from within PSoC Programmer.
This development kit will support a number of PSoC 1 based processor modules as well as one
PSoC 4 based processor module. The PSoC 4 based processor module will support the CY8C41xx
family only.

For the PSoC 1 based processor modules PSoC Programmer has added programming support as
well as enabled programming from within PSoC Designer.

For the PSoC 4 based processor modules both programming and debugging is supported in PSoC
Programmer and PSoC Creator.

Regards, Dana.
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