Miniprog used to program device running at 3.3V

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Miniprog used to program device running at 3.3V

Postby Borkhuis » Wed May 01, 2013 12:24 am

One of the PSoC1 devices we use is mounted on a board that only supplies 3.3V. This power supply cannot be removed to program the device. The ISSP lines and reset line are available to the programmer, but I left out the Vdd line, as the board itself supplies the power. Can I use the MiniProg device to program this device (using the Reset mode)?

I found the following article, describing a modification to the MiniProg, to allow 3.3V operation.
How to set MiniProg1 to power 3.3V?

Is this needed to when not using the Vdd to power the device?

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