PSoC Developer Move is complete

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PSoC Developer Move is complete

Postby haz » Sat May 10, 2014 8:56 am

I worked with Eric this morning to move the forum to the new hosting and transfer all the content. I think we got it. There is a little bit of house cleaning with links, emails, etc... which I need to work through to make sure that we are set. If you see anything weird or not working as you expect it to, post it here and I will go through it and clean it up.
In the process, we also changed the front end of the website. Although no changes are happening to the forum itself, the new site is based on a different platform. The change is mainly due to the fact I would like to setup a sharable repository of code samples, projects, components, schematics, etc... which are parsable and searchable outside of the forum. Think of a component store for downloadable material.

This is ongoing now. not yet done. I will let everyone know when it is ready for testing.

Having said that, the integration of phpBB becomes difficult. So I am attempting to move the forum content to another forum platform. My first attempt did not work too well. I was unable to port 100% of the PSoC 1 forum entries. Only about half. Therefore, I decided not to turn it on for this migration. But you can see it at

The forum is extensible and similar to phpbb, but more integratable with wordpress which the whole site runs on now.

any input is greatly appreciated.

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