Misc Development Tools

CYP Freeware Programmer

A Freeware Programmer for Cypress PSoC Mixed Signal Arrays based on low cost hardware. Supports CY8C21xxx, CY8C22xxx, CY8C24xxx, CY8C27xxx, and CY8C29xxx familes. Runs on Windows98, WindowsMe, Windows2000, and Windows XP. Write, Verify, Read, Secure, Erase, and CheckSum functions. Programs 16K parts in less than 9 secs.

Author: Ajith.S

Version: 1.9

One Wire User Module

This file has two user modules for easy communication with 1-Wire devices from Dallas Semiconductor. The user module "OneWire" uses two digital modules. The user module "OneWireSW" uses only software. Example projects are included for the 8C27443. The updated OneWire (hardware) user module includes support for Overdrive speed and parasite power. The parasite power option uses interrupts.

Note that with the release of version 1.3 of this User Module PSoC Designer 4.2 or newer is required.

Author: Wes Randall

Version: 1.3.3

OneShot8 User Module

This UM has a 3 variations: One-shot Classic, Pulse Width Discriminator and Pulse Width Discriminator with Inverted Output. It can be used for reshaping of input pulses, generation of single pulses with a required duration, for pulse discriminating and debouncing.

Author: Ilya Mamontov

Version 1.3

Random Number User Module

The Random UM generates a random bit stream on Column Comparator Bus. The main goal of this UM is the fact that the bit sequence is absolutely random. You can use this sequence as a signal for analog and digital blocks or read it directly in software.

Author: Ilya Mamontov

Version 1.1


A FORTH kernal for the PSoC. Develope programs on your favorite PDA. The kernal lives on the PSoC and takes up abput 8K, leaving 8K for your program. This zip files contains both the ASM srouce file and a HEX file that can be used to program a PSoC part.

Author: Christopher Burns

Version: 2.01

Delay Calculator

Calculation of parameters for the given delay in mili/micro seconds.It also calculates the PWM clock inputs and nessessary clock values for a given baud rate. It just a simple software but I often use it to to calculate delays.

Author: Mehmet

Version 1.0

PSoC Proto PCB

A simple DIY single-sided PCB for prototyping with the Cypress Invention Board.

Author: Leon Heller

Version 1.1

Emulator Example

Unzip and follow the instructions in the readme.txt to run the software emulator from the command line.

Author: Jeff Stewart


ADCINCVR Spreadsheet

ADCINCVR spreadsheet calculates ADCINCVR UM's parameters to your needs such as your clock, CalcTime, SampleRate, etc.

Author: Onur Ozbek

Version 1.0